Sam Tschida  
Dean of Education

Sam Tschida (pronounced Cheetah) is the author of SIRI, WHO AM I? and dean of SMUT University. She loves dirty jokes, dark comedy, and strong coffee. In addition to her smutty career, she has a gang of unruly children and one unruly man. The dog is very well-behaved. The dishes are never done and there is never enough coffee. She owes it all to Judith McNaught, Sue Grafton, and a pile of Cat Who books.

Teacher's Assistant 

Artwork Credit -Claudia, @alhenacrimson on twitter

Tamara makes promotional Smut University content for Sam with help from Canva's free template collection. She also has a day job, sort of, and a real life, sort of, and an online life, sort of. She's from New Jersey but has been doing her best impression of a rolling stone since graduating college many moons ago. She enjoys writing, editing, crocheting, hiking, swimming, and forming deep, meaningful relationships with strangers' dogs. She's a sagittarius but please don't hold that against her.

Hal Thorn 
Teacher's assistant

Hal Thorne enjoys writing comedic fantasy, fussing over their houseplants, and surrounding themself with books like a bibliophilic dragon. Their day job is touring with a jousting company to renaissance festivals around the country as a knight-in-training.

Joseph White 

Photo Credit - Larissa Zageris

Joseph White is a writer, actor, and designer from Chicago by way of Texas. (Even after 20 years, He still hasn’t gotten used to the winters.) Hire him to design your website, write your screenplay, or play the dad character in your sitcom about growing up in the 90s.